Here is the rough documentation of the 3 weeks that I worked on this project as well as some stretch goals that I would want to revisit if I ever did this project again. Overall this learning process helped me understand the core principles of building a program that has multiple files and runs within itself.
WEEK 1: Following the Tutorial 

The first week of my process was strictly following the tutorial and creating the game from scratch. While I could've easily copied the code from the GitHub, I felt it would be better to copy it myself. This led to me actually understanding the code better as well as learning new syntax.
WEEK 2: Main Changes

Over the second week I planned out the changes I wanted to make - some were aesthetic, some were functional. I tried to balance my work between the two. This is what I achieved:
1. Making the game finite
2. Changing fighting mechanics
3. Adding new stat
4. Creating a New game GUI
5. Created closed doors 
6. Modified dungeon generation
7. Added a title page
8. Added a hp heart visualisation
9. Changed controls for closing windows
WEEK 3: Final Touches

This was the final week for submitting this project and I left more of the UI aspects to finish.
1. Created a final boss room
2. Created an Epilogue event
3. Balanced difficulty
4. Created a variety of monsters and items
5. Play-tested on people and corrected
6. Added a help screen

While I am happy with what I have now, there is always room fro improvement. There are my stretch goals that I have the plan to implement in the future:
1. Different ai behavior
2. Different player classes
3. Objects like chests
4. Carrying capacity depending on the player strength
5. Hunger timer
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