FINAL PRODUCT, April 12 2023.
After rendering this project, correcting small details andĀ assembling it all into one video, here is my final product.
WORK SESSION, April 4 2023.
Through experimentation and using photoshop perspective wrap, I was able to create a gobo as project it from the spot light onto the orange. Also in photoshop cleaned up the shadow plate, so that it doesn't have a cube. There are still things to improve, such as a highlight shining through the gobo effect on the orange.
CLASS 3, April 3 2023.
Started creating a proper nuke tree and creating shadows. Because I am working in Housini, had to start thinking of how it would be possible to create a gobo effect.
WORK SESSION, April 1 2023.
I put a preliminary object, with the simulation of it moving. I tried rendering a shadow pass as well, to see if the perspective seems good.
CLASS 2, March 29 2023
During this class I kept experimenting between Maya and Houdini and ended up choosing Houdini as it is a more familiar environment to me. My main objective was lining up the shadows of the ball and the cube as well as setting up the HDRI.
CLASS 1, March 27 2023.
Through the first class IĀ spent time choosing my plate and mating the camera to the plate of my choice. I ended up doing it in Maya and Houdini, because I am not sure in which software I am going to complete this project.
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