WORK SESSION 5, May 23 2023
I successfully incorporated the reflection.
WORK SESSION 4, May 21 2023
I managed to create the effects of volumetric, and magic casting light onto the actor through using radial volume in nuke, and creating skin based key light. I also created more geometry that the light could reflect onto. The next steps would be:
 - finalise the roto (some of them are questionable)
 - reflection on the table
 - polish particles
 - adjust geometry and colors
WORK SESSION 3, May 17 2023
I customised this to have a collision and an illusion that the particles are coming out of the book. However now it's more evident that more substeps are needed. Some other elements i want to incorporate:
 - reflection on the table
 - light flashing 
 - proper light interaction (all of the books and the table)
 - more deliberate particle movement 
WORK SESSION 2, May 14 2023
I replicated part of the scene, as well as follow tutorials to create a particle effect as well as an illusion of light being cast on the environment. It needs more modeling and detail, but I feel like it's in the right direction.
WORK SESSION 1, May 2023
I did a basic track in Nuke and imported it into a Houdini scene. To test the track I rendered a sphere and checked it for sliding. Next is creating the effect itself.
This project is going to have a particle effect integrated into a moving plate. 
Here is my approximate schedule:
Class 14 - basic tracking done (Nuke), if possible - start on effect 20% done

Class 15 - first iteration of the effect, start first comp 40% done

Class 16 - first comp done, improved by critique 60% done

Class 17 - improved effect, iteration on feedback 75% done

Class 18 - finishing touches, 90% done
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