I worked on doing pre-vis shots. This time visualising the rbd window breaking scenes. 
Pre-vis for shot 12, of the meteor sinking underwater.
Created 4 more rnd shots.
Updated shot breakdown.
Created a preview of shot 2 using Kyle Lyn's city building tool.
Explanation of the shots:
s1: sky & sunrise timelapse
s2: telephoto shot of grey city, morning light hitting it
s3: similar to pre vis, crowd sim of people walking in the street
s4: a visible streak of light in a skyscraper glass reflection 
s5: grey figure looking in the sky, rim light hitting face
s6-7: looking at powerline the shot zooms out to birds eye of whole city
s8: shot from right behind the meteor quickly pulled away
s9: wide shot of the meteor breaking the clouds
s10: slowly moving person by person, looking up in the sky “slow motion”-like
s11: slowly zooming in on steaming crater
s12: underwater meteor and its pieces sinking with light from above
s13-14: recreations of the damages caused by meteor
s15: basically shot 11 but fully on the crater, still steaming (maybe water sim of ripples)
s16: camera moves through the sky following the trail
s17: telephoto shot of big smoke trail slowly being dispersed
s18: recreating the shot in the preview
s19: repeat of shots 13-14
s20-23: slow motion bullet time 3 locations windows breaking in and general destruction
s24: shot of the sky with a trail in it
[break for actual footage]
s25:  timelapse of the remains of the trail blending with clouds
s26: shot 3 again
[then rewind]
I created a preview of my project for studios 1&2. The shots are not final and are missing movement and descriptions of the effects in them. This is more to block out and explain how the overall structure of the project is.
Here is the completed version of the storyboard for project 1.
Project 1.
For this project I came up with a story based on an object that I brought into class. In my case the story was based on a crocheted bunny that was gifted to me by my friend. The short story is meant to touch of themes of stress and comfort.

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