WORK SESSION, April 29 2023
After rendering and compositing the bunny with movement I realised that the fracture created interpenetrating geometry. To fix that I put an exploded view node with he tiniest increment, to create small space between the planes. That fixed the flicker, however the shader was changed. I still have to experiment with color balance.
CLASS 10, April 26 2023
Fixed lighting, hoping to start polishing to make the integration more beliavable.
WORK SESSION, April 25 2023
More work with the shaders, as well as the first approximate composite. It seems my lighting setup is not correct, so I will have to improve that.
WORK SESSION, April 21 2023
I continued improving on the shaders. Making them closer to my reference. I was able to recreate the milky fog within the stone, as well as use fresnel to create an outer layer of glass on the surface of the statue.
CLASS 7-8, April 17-19 2023
I spent most of these two classes adjusting the camera settings and playing around with shaders. I worked on creating fractures in the bunny, through voronoi fracture in Houdini, as well as using material builder to combine colors and create interesting looking shader.
WORK SESSION, April 16 2023
I took the needed photography for the integration as well as set up the cube and poxy geometry in a Houdini scene. I still need to potentially correct the focal length and create a proper HDRI.

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