The main focus of week 3 was working on camera moves. The feebdack from our mentors was mostly directed towards the lookedv and camera move. Since I am not on the lookdev team, I mainly spent time working on making the effects better as well as integrating them into the master file. Since the set up was different between files adapting it took some time. However I was able to adjust and adapt. Firstly, here are the final camera moves we ended up setteling on.
Firstly for the cloth I had the least time to work on. I mainly focused on transferring the effect and making sure the timing of the cloth being pulled worked. The cloth itself still needs to be worked on. At the moment it has no silk like qualities. The shaders are temporary and do not show the translucent quality of the fabric.
For the pyro, as per my professors advice I have switched the way I generate glitter. The shaders are also temporary. For a better control of the pyro cloud I ended up animating the emitter. This version has smaller voxel size to better see the swirls.
This version has bigger voxels, but mainly shows the timing with the camera movement.
Next week my main goals would be to elevate and finalise the effects. For the cloth that entails more silk like movement, and for pyro that means working out how the glitter looks and playing with the density and shader. 

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