In week 5 we got an extensive critique from the mentors. The feedback was mostly centered about the envoronment and the look development of the shots. The Pyro in Shot five was approved, though it will need more detail for final render. However the biggest critique was the glitter in pyro and adding the cloth to shot 1.
This was my first experiment with glitter, and after talking to my team, we figured that we will try doing the glitter effect with motion media as well, to see our options. I ended up doing a couple more renders, just to see how i could make the glitter work in the scene. The second render gave glitter emission, but also is in the wrong colorspace. 
For the cloth, I mainly focused on the movement and the shader. I wanted the movement to be more silk like, which mainly meant decreasing the bend on the cloth and changing the timing on the animation. The shader was a collaborative method that Dee and Emma helped me improve when I was sharing my progress with them.

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