For week 4 we focused on creating a priority list and working towards creating a first composite. This is what we ended up with.
To create this composite I had to choose one effect to fully focus on. Because our shot five is a hero shot, I ended up prioritising pyro this week. Also following the feedback of the mentors I changed the shape, shader and the lighting of the shot. I went through several iterations of the potential shape of the pyro. One of the most effective techniques was changing the time scale fo the pyro.
However in the end I ended up settling with the .8 speed. Next step was working on the shader. Starting it from scratch left it looking rather boring. I ended up having to light it separately from the object in the scene to give it better shape. Here are some of the experimentations. After consulting our teams lighter we decided on a different set of lights.
This was the final choice for the pyro. Next to it is a short render of the overall movement.
While this was not my main focus I found some extra time to experiment with the cloth, and get it closer to how it should be looking. I also put out a quick render. However this needs much more work on the flow and realistic look of the silk.
Next week the main focus would be to reflect on the critique from the first composite and elevate all the FX.

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