This was the final week of the project, so a lot of our team's focus was on finishing touches and rendering. However there were still some things to be improved about the cloth. One of the major things the mentors pointed out was the motion blur on the cloth. But overall the movement needed work too, so with the help of my teammates we were able to settle on a cloth movement that we liked.
Rendering didn't go as smoothly though, because of the overall strain of the farm and the team having a lot on their hands, there were some communications and the pyro render was wrong. 
After looking around in the file I found out that the collisions were broken because the settings was changed, so that gave a setback to our project submission, but I fixed the problem as soon as possible. Overall I am extremely proud of me and my teammates and also grateful to the mentors and the professors that made this possible. Here is the link to the final project.

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