For this project the choice of the product was much easier then the choice of how to present it. My team consists of Coleman Adams, Nathan Leichner and Wei-Lin Lai (who's respective blogs are linked to their names here). Luckily we quickly settled on creating an ad for Liquid Death, however what proved to be hard was creating an add that would subvert expectations (as per the brand image) and show off our FX skills.
Here is some mood boards/ideations that were inspiring for our final product:
After the idea was compressed into a more tangible story I created a quick storyboard that would help us organise our presentation and start thinking about the needed FX, lighting and camera movement.
After the storyboard was done everyone separated to make progress in their respective duties - FX tests, color palattes etc. I was given primarily responsibility over shots 3 & 4  - the soft body berries, rigid body ice and water particles.  These affects are going to be something i concentrate on most in this project. In the end final previs looked like this and we were ready for feedback and updates on our pitch!

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